Our own production, environmentally friendly or organic, with guaranteed provenance. Here are the raw materials we use for the cuisine of San Salvador

Raw materials are important. At Eco Hotel San Salvador we select them with care

In order to offer you healthy, genuine cuisine, we only use products if we know their origin. Organic or at least environmentally friendly. Whenever possible, zero kilometre or almost.

At Eco Hotel San Salvador you will find seasonal fruit and vegetables directly from our garden, from farmers we know who use sustainable methods, or from organic farms. You notice it too because the flavours are more pronounced and recognisable, like those of yesteryear. Our father Salvatore cultivates different types of vegetables and fruit with loving care.

In May and June, we serve freshly picked red cherries in the hotel, along with strawberries, plums, yellow and red tomatoes, salad, cucumbers, broad beans, peas, purple potatoes, pumpkins and all the best that summer has to offer.
When the summer season comes into full swing, you'll find the freshest watermelons and melons, figs, courgettes and tomatoes, fresh basil for fragrant and tasty sauces on San Salvador's tables.

Does country life intrigue you? Do you want to take your children to see how the land is cultivated?
We organise trips to the countryside for a pleasant alternative to the beach.

For pizza and homemade pasta we have selected the best flours.

We offer buckwheat flour, whole wheat flour, rice flour, wheat bran, oat bran, spelt flour, oat flour, rye flour and multi-grain flour. All organic.

In addition, we like to try out and offer you numerous cereals that are perfect as a side dish or as the main meal of the day, perhaps dressed with fresh vegetables from our garden! Our favourites include amaranth, yellow, red and black quinoa, millet and sorghum. Extremely versatile, they give an original touch to dishes.

In addition, black chickpeas, organic yellow and black soya beans. We personally buy the rice at an Organic Rice Mill in Pavia: carnaroli, wild red wholemeal and venere. For meat and fish, we carefully select the raw materials, buying from certified companies and from the fishermen of Bellaria-Igea Marina. The eggs come from a cruelty-free farm a few kilometres from the hotel and guarantee us the freshest eggs from happy hens raised on the land in a sustainable and gentle way.