Welcome to our eco-friendly Family Hotel 80 metres from the beach

Eco Family Hotel San Salvador Bellaria-Igea Marina

Our names are Federico and Stefano Poggi, and we are the second generation of a family from Romagna who have made hospitality their reason for living. But we'll tell you more about us and our story later (or if you want, even here >).

Right now we would like to briefly tell you why the San Salvador, just 80 metres from the beach, is the ideal choice for your holiday - and for those accompanying you - in Bellaria-Igea Marina, in the province of Rimini. 

The Eco Hotel San Salvador is part of the "Piccoli Alberghi di Qualità" (Small Hotels of Quality) circuit , a consortium set up to help small family-run hotels along the Riviera Romagnola and throughout Italy to promote themselves by flying the flag for Italian hospitality and guaranteeing its value.

In addition, we have adopted the Legambiente handbook  as a guide to a more sustainable way of travelling and visiting new places. Basically, for a more conscious tourism that respects the planet we live on.

We were the founders of the Family & C. group and are part of All Inclusive Hotels.