The San Salvador in Romagna is used as an example of a "green hotel" in every course that Legambiente dedicates to responsible tourism

Eco Hotel San Salvador Bellaria-Igea Marina, holidays that respect you and the environment

We have adopted the Legambiente handbook as a guide, the ten commandments to be followed and disseminated for a more sustainable and conscious tourism, respecting nature and ourselves.

1.  Do not waste. Reduce waste, reuse and recycle.
We participate in waste separation and invite guests to do so. We are an active participant in recycling programmes. We do not use plastic bottles for drinks during meals. We use highly concentrated detergents with a very low environmental impact with multi-purpose refills and electronic dosing pumps, reducing waste to a minimum.

TARGET 2025: To become completely Plastic Free

2. Reduce water consumption.
We have installed accelerators and flow reducers for showers and taps, as well as special fittings for toilets. We use the waste heat from the total recovery chiller to produce domestic hot water.

3. Reduce energy consumption.
The total recovery chiller powered by 19kw of photovoltaic panels produces limitless air conditioning. The 20 m2 of natural circulation solar panels complete the heating of domestic hot water produced by the chiller's waste heat, allowing 8 Sanicube Rotex to operate at full capacity. We use energy-saving light bulbs and have installed a new low-consumption boiler. The entire hotel is well insulated and the exterior is painted with photo-catalytic paints that absorb and eliminate CO2, just like trees do! The material used was patented by Italcementi Bergamo, the same company that designed the Italian Pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan.

4. Don't offer others what you don't want on your table
At Eco Hotel San Salvador you will find healthy and genuine cuisine. We prefer organic or environmentally friendly fruits and vegetables, whose origin we know. We are proud to offer you, when nature allows, the products of our country house: cherries, plums, potatoes, chard, figs, tomatoes, courgettes and squash blossoms. For many recipes we use organically produced flour, rice and oil. The wine we serve at meals is also organic and comes from the Colli di Rimini winery. Every morning, for breakfast, you will find homemade cakes, organic seeds and dried fruit, organic honey.

5. Favour local gastronomy
We promote local traditions and specialities. Every day at the hotel we offer typical dishes made from recipes handed down from generation to generation. Since 2016, we have been organising a weekend in the hotel to pass on the ancient and popular recipe for Porcospino, a typical dessert that reinforces Romagna's culinary identity and is the driving force behind many side activities, such as those held in Mercato Saraceno during the festival that bears its name.

6. Foster collective transport
We always advise our guests to leave their cars at home and come to us by train, you will find us waiting for you at the station. We will inform you about timetables and routes and show you how to get tickets for local transport.

7. Foster sustainable mobility
We offer free bicycles for comfortable and peaceful rides in and around Igea Marina. Since 2017 we have offered 2 Tesla connectors up to 22kw for charging electric cars.

8. Reduce noise
We have invested a lot of resources - and continue to do so - to reduce noise in the hotel by soundproofing walls, replacing all entrance doors and purchasing new exterior windows with double glazing.

9. Enhance and foster cultural and natural assets
We promote the hinterland of Romagna, so rich in history, art and culture. We organise guided tours of Malatesta villages and castles, often accompanied by food and wine stops with tastings of oil, cheese, wine and local salami. Since 2016, we have been organising two special events at the hotel every year: the "Travel 365" bloggers' community meeting and the #ATSANSALVADORHOTEL blog tour with the aim of promoting and enhancing Eco Hotel San Salvador and, above all, the magnificent Romagna region in which we are lucky enough to live.

10. Spread the word
We are committed to communicating and enforcing these ten “commandments” to all guests of Eco Hotel San Salvador, as well as to all collaborators and employees.

The awards received by Eco Hotel San Salvador in Igea Marina:


  • Legambiente Friends of the Climate Award, Award ceremony at Bit in Milan
  • Emilia Romagna Un Mare di Sapori 2nd prize for Best Hotel Menu


  • Legambiente Award Special Mention for environmentally aware management and protection of the territory, and for promoting a holiday style in harmony with nature


  • Tripadvisor Premio Ecoleader Platinum level: 3rd in Italy and 10th in Europe
  • Recognition of important economic support from the Emilia Romagna Region in view of San Salvador's important GREEN commitment
  • Legambiente Award for the promotion of local raw materials and many products grown in our own countryside on our menus


  • Tripadvisor Premio Ecoleader Platinum level
  • Energy, certificate of green energy use


  • Legambiente Ecotourism Oscar, Sustainable Mobility section for the installation of electric car charging stations
  • Tripadvisor Premio Ecoleader Platinum level
  • Energy, certificate of green energy use


  • Legambiente Tourism, recommended for work in environmental protection


  • Legambiente Tourism, recommended for work in environmental protection
  • Tripadvisor Premio Ecoleader Platinum level
  • Energy, certificate of green energy use


  • Legambiente Tourism, recommended for work in environmental protection
  • Tripadvisor Premio Ecoleader Platinum level
  • Energy, certificate of green energy use


  • Legambiente Tourism, recommended for work in environmental protection