Cuisine and typical dishes! Vegan & Bio friendly

At the Hotel San Salvador the cuisine has a long quality tradition. The scents and the flavours of a gastronomy able to mix the old recipes of Romagna with the new cooking trends and the best specialities of the Italian and international cuisine.

Getting younger at table! Taste everyday fresh and natural food, choosing always among different menu: much home made pasta prepared by our Mirella, ravioli, tagliatelle and her masterpiece: the “nidi di rondine” (pasta filled wit ham and cheese). Fish everyday, vegetarian and diet dishes, moreover our delicious daily home made cakes, ice creams and fresh juicy, fruits, chosen by Salvatore from his trustworthy Greengrocer or grown in its orchard, where he proudly grows cherries, figs, strawberries, plums and greengages and many vegetables: tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, green beans and peas.

The buffets are always full of delicacies and natural produces. At lunch and dinner you’ll find a variety of vegetables ready to be eaten (minimum 30 different dishes). Raw, grilled, baked or cooked with besciamella cheese. Hot and cold appetizers. Fish and meat specialities. Rice and pasta salads.

Piada. Every day “piadina” or “cassoni” in various ways, or fried “gnocco”. Always prepared by us!

Pizza.  Every time you enter in our restaurant you will find a hot pizza… waiting for you. Light, genuine, fragrant. Find out more

Bio. Many organic products: “Carnaroli ” rice, oil, flour, some jams, honey, fruit, vegetables.

Vegan. A very important trend, with strong values behind that we share. Every day we recommended some vegan dishes.

Fish. Both for lunch and dinner, fresh fish: giltheads, sea bass, anchovies, mussels, clams, squids, mackerel, red mullet, salmon…

Cake. Delicious cakes always prepared daily by us with fresh and genuine ingredients. Then ice cream, sorbet, yogurt.

Fruit. It is always juicy and fresh, chosen daily by Salvatore our “usual greengrocer”: cherries, figs, strawberries, plums…

Chilli passion. At Hotel San Salvador the passion for chili peels! You wonder why the chili pepper?

And for a special breakfast…

To start your day with a right charge, there is a hearty buffet breakfast’ s with many homemade sweets and biscuits, croissants, sliced bread, white bread, whole bread. And a salty area with ham, cheese, sausages, eggs. Yogurt for all tastes and fruit juices with corn flakes, fresh and syrup fruit, natural honey, toasted bread, assorted nuts and organic fruits. Spin available.