We have looked after many kids in the last 50 years, offering them care and attention

Since 1967 we have helped many mothers to care their children on holiday

But what we are most proud of is that the children have become adults and are now returning to San Salvador with their own children. It is very gratifying to see the continuous efforts of our family and staff rewarded in this way.

Your child’s right

  • To receive attention, kindness and affection
  • To have his or her own well-equipped play area
  • To be served first in the restaurant
  • To have a quiet, smoke-free space in the restaurant equipped with comfortable chairs, children’s cutlery, coloured serviettes and fun glasses
  • To be served delicious baby food, vegetable puree or homogenised ready products
  • To have Plasmon homogenised baby food in a variety of flavours, such as meat, fish, cheese, fruit, etc.
  • To have a yogurt or a snack in the afternoon
  • To sleep in a room with his or her parents in a cradle or, if the child is older, in a comfortable children’s bed with rails to prevent falling
  • Our bottle warmers and sterilisers, baby bathtubs and children’s toilet seats are also available
  • To go out for trips on bicycles equipped with child seats
  • The Baby Sitter is available to look after children in the hotel and at the beach for many hours during the day and evening. And of course… to spend a fantastic fun holiday with a of lots of friends!


Our refrigerators are always available for keeping food and perishable medicines. For us, even the smallest aspect of your stay, become something very important. For 50 years at Hotel San Salvador we have devoted the greatest care to our work because we know that you will spend some of the best moments of your life with us.