People who work with the heart

Here is the Hotel San Salvador’s staff

At Hotel San Salvador you’ll find a staff who likes to take care of you, during the holiday. Everyone with his contribution knows how to give you little and big moments of pleasure, to share with those you love. Read profiles and know the staff!


He is the father of Federico and Stefano. Together with his sister Elia, he built the hotel in 1967. Today Salvatore cares for the land of ownership by supplying fresh fruits and vegetables at km0. Sometimes he goes to the hotel to check that everything is fine and he organizes escursion in the big vegetable garden to show to the guests the fruits of his work.


Boss senior of the Hotel. He is fall in love with Romagna and manage Hotel San Salvador together with his younger brother Stefano. Great worker; he is always busy but if he has just a minute free, he take the opportunity to relax in the outdoor courtyard of the Hotel, with a fresh beer. His favourite sport is tennis.


Stefano is the frontman of Hotel San Salvador. Really kind, he welcomes guests at check in, prepares coffee and solves emergencies. He says he still does not know what he wants to do when he grows up, but he feels really at home in the Hotel. He loves pasta in all its forms and his soccer team of heart is “Juventus”.


Waitress on the floors as well as one of the pillars of the Hotel. She’s a woman full of energy and the queen of cleanings and rejuvenation. Thanks to her, the room is always fresh and fragrant, ideal for relaxing. With the towels, she knows how to create real artworks.


If Hotel San Salvador was a fairy tale, Mirella would be the good fairy that – every day – with her magical hands creates so many salty and sweet dishes for the joy of adults and children. Everyday, she creates specialties with the products at km 0 of Salvatore. The best dish? The “Romagna Passatelli”. What to expect from a woman who lives in Santarcangelo!(ancient village located in the center of Romagna)


Tifosa sfegatata della Juventus, quando non è allo stadio è sicuramente in giro per il mondo oppure alla reception dell’Hotel San Salvador ;-). Le piace cucinare le verdure e appena ha un po’ di tempo libero ama trascorrerlo insieme ai suoi tre fratelli! È metà abruzzese ma ha sempre vissuto in Romagna. Segno caratteristico: sorride sempre!


The veteran of Hotel San Salvador, is defined as an hospitality artisan. He has Calabrian origins but now he is son of Romagna. He can be professional and hearty at the same time, even when the restaurant overflows with guests. He is a Master of ice cream and his smile delights so much joy!

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